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What will I get out of booking an intimate portrait session?

Self-love is important, no matter who you are. An intimate photography session will boost your confidence, bottom line.  Not to mention it is a super fun & unique experience with many rewards.  You will leave my studio feeling refreshed, liberated, and ready to take on the world. 

I want to gift the images to my significant other. What options do I have?

Gifting your images can be a self-fulfilled project, or additional products can be purchased through me if it is within your budget.  A product list will be provided to you upon booking a session with instructions on how orders can be made upon receipt of the final digital gallery. Some products that are offered include crystal USB drives, albums, canvas wraps, and standard prints.

Note about ordering gift products: please plan well in advance. Some products take 2-3 weeks to arrive upon ordering. Online galleries are delivered within 14 days of your session date. planning to have your session 2 months prior to your event or occasion is preferred.

What is required to book a session?

I need a little bit of information about you, your preferred package, preferred session date, and a non-refundable $50 CAD retainer (booking fee) paid in full via an online invoice.  You are officially booked once you have requested a session (see booking page), we've confirmed your date, you've have received your contract and additional documents, & paid have your retainer.

What do I wear to my session?

This is the most frequently asked question, and it's an important one.  Please carefully consider and choose in advance what to bring with you to any session, as opposed to bringing a large bag of clothing, etc.  Though I'm happy to give you advice before your session, or help you decide between a few items upon arriving, sifting through large piles of underwear significantly cuts into our time together.  

Upon booking a session with me, I will email a preparation guide to you that gives you a clear idea of what to expect, how to prepare, and ideas on what to bring with you. 

With that said, I prefer that my clients wear what they feel comfortable in, regardless of what I recommend. I will also photograph nude (or implied nude) for those clients who feel comfortable and want to include such images in their gallery. Your session package will include an outfit/look allowance with respect to the time we have scheduled to spend together. 

Clients who visit my studio space also have access to my client closet.  I ask for my clients to bring at least one item of their own, but if they prefer to shop the closet upon arrival, that's perfectly fine!  The closet is fully stocked at all times with various styles, including bodysuits, two and three piece sets, vintage slips, robes, etc. Sizing ranges from XS-4X. If you are particular about fit and style, it's important to not rely solely on the client closet, however most people can find something they feel amazing in within the collection.

How else can I prepare for my boudoir session?

Upon booking a session with me, I will include a preferred vendors list for you to have recommendations if you are wanting to have your hair and/or makeup done prior to the scheduled session time (please be sure to notify your stylist/artist of your session time when booking with them).  Otherwise, please feel free to do your own hair and makeup prior to any session.  Some other pre-session maintenance suggestions are available upon request.  As I mentioned before,  anybody who books a session with me will receive more information on how to prepare via email.  But overall, just be you.  That's the most important thing.


Can I set up a consultation?

Absolutely!  I'm always willing to meet with potential clients who are considering booking a session. During your consultation we can discuss stylizing your shoot (what to wear, hair, make-up etc.), as well as your limits and overall vision. If you would like to book a consultation, indicate that in the comment section of your booking request.  Potential clients can also chat with me on social media or via Instagram at any time.

If we don't meet before your session, when you or I arrive on the scheduled date, we'll first sit down & get to know each other if we haven't already.  Clients who book a session will receive a pre-session questionnaire via email to be completed prior to the session date if possible.  This questionnaire can also be completed together upon arrival.  On the questionnaire, clients have the opportunity to explain what they want to achieve during their session, sign a model release when applicable, and tell me a little bit about themselves.

Is there paperwork?

Included with the questionnaire, all of my clients will review & sign a basic contract prior to their session in addition to the questionnaire and model release.

Who will see my photos? Will you post them on social media?

My sessions are one-on-one experiences and your images will be kept 100% private unless you grant me written consent to use them for promotional purposes.  On your pre-session form, you will have an opportunity to set your limits and sign a model release. All clients will choose which images they feel comfortable with me sharing after seeing their full digital collection. For most, that will be none, and that's perfectly valid!

What if I need to reschedule my session?

Life happens.  I prefer if you notify me as early as you can about rescheduling your session.  Due to the nature of this business, I won't be able to fill a last minute opening as it requires preparation. A minimum of 48-hours is appreciated.  Retainers are transferrable to a new date once.  Beyond that, an additional fee of $50 will be added to your final invoice each time. Please keep in mind that your deposit and any additional fees are non-refundable.

If you no-show without notice to your session (confirmed or unconfirmed), I can not rebook you.  Please understand the affect this has on local entrepreneurs, and instead do what you can to support small businesses in PEI by respecting the time and effort that is put into making them possible.  Thank you <3

Where will my session take place?

Your studio session will take place at my private studio location in downtown Charlottetown, on Victoria Row.  Seasonal beach sessions generally take place on the North Shore, but the location is always TBD for keeping things as private as possible.


What is the difference between a lingerie studio session & a mini glam event?

A lingerie mini studio session is like any other regular session on my package list -- you show up ready to go (hair & makeup done either by you or by someone who you booked on your own time), and we proceed with the photoshoot. A mini glam event differs because it is a specific day or days set aside in my schedule wherein I have a makeup artist present for the day. The mini glam package is essentially the regular mini with a pro makeup application included, for just a bit more investment.


You can book a regular mini session anytime in my schedule, while mini glam events are generally planned and shared on my social media until the available spots are all filled up. The event dates are generally planned 2-3 months in advance.

I am considering the executive package - what are the benefits of making the largest investment?

Though all of my studio experiences are similar in terms of enjoyment, the executive package is the most luxurious option. You get to spend the most time with me at the studio, receive the most deliverables (including a beautiful album) and bonus: in-studio makeup is included. The executive is the ultimate "treat yourself" package - I highly recommend it!

Do any of the package include a hair stylist?

In my years of experience, most people are comfortable doing their own hair (and perhaps prefer it) before a photography session. If a hairstylist is a must for you, I always provide a preferred vendors list with options for pre-session appointments. There are even a few female stylists in my building for convenience!

Once a year, I do host a Full Glam Event, where a wash & style and in-studio makeup is included. This is generally only one date, once per year around the holidays. 

I'm nervous!

Which is totally normal! I always say that the most nerve-wracking part about boudoir is the lead up, and once you actually get here, those feelings melt away. You will be greeted with kind, open arms, and it's always my goal to make you feel super comfortable. There will be calming scents and music playing, refreshments if you'd like to indulge, and a period of chat before any session begins. Once we get to the actual posing part, you'll be ready. 

The whole experience is completely GUIDED. You don't have to know what to do at all -- that's my job.  I do not expect you to know what to do. Once you realize how involved I am in the process, you'll notice how those nerves have disappeared!

Will you edit imperfections?

In general, I will do minor retouching to most photos.  I will remove blemishes and smooth skin texture and tone.  But, I will not alter your appearance or body proportions.  If you prefer that I make no retouching modifications to your final images, please indicate as such in advance. 


How do I pay for my session?

I currently accept cash, e-transfer and online payments by credit and debit card. Balances will be invoiced to clients immediately after a session and payment is due within two days.  Images will not be delivered until a payment is made.  Online payments can be made upon receipt of invoice.

Can my partner/spouse/friend sit in and watch during my session?

It is my experience and belief that the best experience is had when it is just us, one-on-one. Having someone else watching from another perspective holds the potential for making you feel self-conscious about the posing, and takes away from my ability to guide you into a place of full liberation. 

If you feel like you would only feel comfortable with someone else with you, I am perfectly fine with you letting me know and we will chat about options, based on how you feel. These could include having your partner or friend present with you for the consultation portion of the experience, or bringing a female friend for the shoot. In the event that a friend is in fact present during the photoshoot, cellphones will not be permitted for your privacy. 

Partners and spouses are not permitted to attend (i.e. watch) a photoshoot at any time, and this is a firm rule at my studio. They are welcome to wait in the prep room if it is important for you that they are present during the experience.

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