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I grew up in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island as a creative only-child with a dream to see the rest of the world.  As a teenager, I was distracted by social circles and driven by the familiar itch to escape the tiny island for new adventures and less scrutiny. I never felt like I fit into the box that everyone from my small town was so familiar with, but at that time, I didn't have enough life experience to know how to exit the current. After too much time spent studying politics for no reason close to my heart, I moved myself around the maritimes in search of a home & eventually ended up in the arctic. Living in Nunavut for three years gave me the opportunity to travel the world, experience cultures, and better yet, clear my head so that I could focus on what I truly wanted out of my own life.  The best out of many great things that came from living in a remote community is my appreciation for home.  Now living comfortably on the island, I have put all of my focus into creativity, which is where I am the happiest.  I share the love of art with my life partner who helped me discover my skill in photography. in 2018, we decided it was time for us to start doing what we love, on our own terms.  Now between the two of us, we have three businesses, and we are able to do what we love full-time. My main adventure is this one. 


My love of intimate portrait & nude photography has been a relentless interest in my life for many years. My first photoshoot was nerve-wracking and structureless, but the results were surprisingly fantastic.  I knew then that women's portraits were my niche.  With that, I chose to dive head first into the world of intimate lifestyle photography (aka boudoir).  Since committing to my first studio space downtown Charlottetown, I've been spending my time creating a spotlight for women to clearly see the image of their own charisma and sensuality. Throughout this venture, I have ignited a real passion to create beautiful photographs of & for beautiful humans. I'm now delightfully working out of my second full-time studio space on the historic victoria row, overlooking the main square of downtown charlottetown. I feel so fortunate to be constantly moving forward in this industry, and for playing a role in moving the community forward in terms of sex positivity, body positivity and overall progressiveness in terms of womens' right to self-love as they see fit.


I believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to see their natural beauty.  Sometimes it's just not as simple as looking in the mirror.  Intimate portrait photography is as rewarding to me as it is to my clients.  It's raw, it's artistic, and it's liberating. Oh, and it is also really, really fun. Photography gives me the opportunity to practice self-love within myself, through the medium of art.  But most importantly, it is an instrumental factor in my efforts to inspire self-love in others.  

I love to chat and hang out with likeminded people like you. let's plan something soon. 

                                                                                                          <3 Kath

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